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Common Cause UK: Congolese women leading change for peace and justice

By Sam and ChristinaManch Mama Nzita is a founding member of Common Cause UK. In an interview with Black Feminists Manchester, she shares her thoughts about the ongoing campaign to raise awareness and end violence against Congolese women and girls in … Continue reading

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Women’s History Month: Part Two – One Woman One Body One Song One Love

  I am not content with accepting the status quo, where men predominantly view women the way a parasite views its host. Where generations of mothers, sisters and wives are still conditioned to cater to the needs of men; where, … Continue reading

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Women’s History Month: Part One – Inspiration

By Shakira Lewis As a child, one of the first books I remember reading was Mary Hoffman’s ‘Nancy No Size’. The story was about a little girl who existed almost completely in between two worlds. A young black child in … Continue reading

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