I Am Not…

By Y.B.

I am not the voice of my generation.

I stand alone.

I do not represent my religion,

There is no abode I call home.

I often walk unsteady,

even when I’m standing on my own two feet.

And it will be miles yet,

before I admit defeat.

I do not fit within expectations,

although I’m often forced within limits.

Generations before me have climbed summits,

that I take as a given,

and personal granted rights.

I’m not sure how others view me,

as I precariously walk by.

But it is their wonder,

that often drives me high,

in the pursuit of knowledge

and wisdom.

I don’t abide by the rules,

or any government’s laws.

I don’t fit neatly into stereotypes,

for I am far too flawed.

I seek comfort,

in my own skin.

But I am uncertain of my roots,

and so my own personal battle begins.

No I’m not a poster girl,

for any culture, colour or creed.

I’m not a symbol,

or a sign of the white man’s greed.

Or the black man’s sorrow.

Or the woman’s tomorrow.

Or even my own borrowed,

language and looks and lifestyle.

In fact I stand for them all,

and therefore I stand for nothing.

I’m open to interpretation.

As just one voice,

out of the many;

of this generation.


About Black Feminists Manchester

This is a group for women who are ‘black’ in the political sense. I.e: women who self- identify, originate or have ancestry from global majority populations (i.e. Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America) multi heritage and indigenous backgrounds.
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