FGM is not a piece of cake

By Sam

The ‘Rage Against Racism’ protest, organised by Black Feminists UK, was held on 1st May outside the Swedish Embassy London, in response to London Mayor Boris Johnson’s race-relation views and also the recent  ‘Female Genital Mutilation art‘ controversy.  

The caricaturised black woman cake/art installation by Makode Linde was ‘cut’ starting at the genitals then eaten by the Swedish Minister of Culture and guests who looked on and joined in, laughing, whilst the head of the cake screamed in pain. A clear failure to understand the highly sensitive nature of FGM and disrespectful portrayal of black women.

Led by Sam Asumadu, the rally protesters men and women stood in solidarity and called upon the government for local and international racial equality, fairness, transparency and the respectful depiction of black woman worldwide. 

Click on the speakers names to hear what they had to say…

Aaron Sonson of the Stop and Search App 

Saria Khalifa of Forward UK 

Lee Jasper activist & former Senior Policy Advisor to the Mayor of London



About Black Feminists Manchester

This is a group for women who are ‘black’ in the political sense. I.e: women who self- identify, originate or have ancestry from global majority populations (i.e. Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America) multi heritage and indigenous backgrounds.
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